Grid-connected PV Systems

Data/Images/figure_11_s_no1.jpgThe ability to connect a PV system to the utility supply network greatly enhances its usefulness. Utility is then used as storage for solar generated electricity. Photovoltaic systems can be used in grid connected mode in two ways: as PV arrays installed at the end use site (BIPV systems, rooftops, etc), or as utility scale generating systems. In a PV system connected to the grid and installed on the building, PV supplies the electricity needs of the building, feeds surplus electricity into the grid to earn revenue, and draws electricity from the grid at low insolation. Figure od the left shows a typical PV system grid connection.

Grid tied PV systems are relatively new application of photovoltaics and they are favored in many countries. Especially the integration of photovoltaic modules into building envelope is now seen as part of the new architecture, often in conjunction with energy efficiency and conservation measures, where aesthetic considerations and green electricity generation often outweigh the pure economics of power generation.

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